November 17, 2019

How to Choose the Right Keepsake for Mum

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How do you choose a keepsake gift for mum? Here is an easy checklist to follow when looking for something special for mum and also some gorgeous gift ideas.

Lets start by being completely frank.. skip the flowers, they might get you a 5 minute smile, forget the useful practical present that reminds her of her endless lists of 'stuff' still to do. I am talking about making mum feel really special and loved, a gift that stands the test of time and that she'll want to show-off to her playdate chums.

Jewellery with Handprints

We have become obsessive in wanting to capture precious times and grasp onto those memories, as eventually, those chubby little feet will be bigger than ours! We must have keepsakes to keep that torch alight and thanks to technology we can have so many different varieties of them, but which are the right ones to invest in...

Our blog post is mummy-focused, because every new mother needs treats. Some may help ease life with a newborn baby and some are just really beautiful bits to capture those baby memories.

Personalised fingerprint jewellery

Making a rash and unconsidered decision is best avoided. To take a few days or weeks to go through our checklist is highly recommended.

Lets consider the key aspects of great keepsake-

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Natural life expectancy
  3. Display and showing-off opportunities (Admit it... we soo want to show them off!)
  4. Giftable
  5. Practicable giving
  6. Desired reaction

    1. Uniqueness

    There are many degrees to personalisation and most will have a direct correlation to cost.

    For last minute gifts, the high street can offer popular items like a new baby journal or a cup with 'new mummy' written on.

    The more unique keepsakes are those that will be custom-made for you especially, you cannot achieve a more unique item than one that has been lovingly made just for you! These gifts will likely have the most sentimental value and be most treasured.

    Personalised Handprint Charm bead

    2. Natural life expectancy

    Items bought with practical purposes like fluffy flannels with a name in the corner will likely be used on a baby and therefore, will have a much shorter life expectancy than, a hand and footprint pottery hanging plaque, like the lovely one below, should last a lifetime.

    The definition of keepsake is something that will be kept and has great sentimental value attached so should stand the test of time.

    Pottery with Handprints

    3. Display and showing-off (Admit it... we soo want to show them off!)

    For showing-off there needs to be ample opportunites for your keepsake to be seen and admired by others. For example those that can be hung up in a hallway or something that can be worn.

    Fingerprint or handprint jewellery, can start a great conversation and is also a comfort. Wearing something so personal against the skin can help them to feel close. Drinking your well deserved coffee in a mug with your baby's prints on can make it taste even better.

    Mens Jewellery with Handprints

    4. Giftable

    There is something very personal and meaningful about a gift that you took the time to help make yourself. These types of keepsakes come with your story and will make the gift experience more special to MUM.

    To assist in the making of your keepsake there are a few points to bear in mind-

    • Do you need to visit the keepsake business, or can the process be done by post
    • Do you need to have access to the baby? do you ever look after the baby and can it be done secrectly so 'Mum's the word' or does Mum need to come along.
    • How long have you got to wait before your item is finished
    • If time is not on your side, can you buy a gift voucher? this will leave all the style choices and options up to Mum, so she gets exactly what she wants.
    • Does Mum know what she wants? is there a way she can share what she wants with you, including all the variations so that there is no confusion.

    Your gift can also be an investment. This seems like an odd thing to say, however, for example, a fingerprint custom-made piece of jewellery made from a precious metal, like sterling silver, will retain a financial value, hence why it is worth spending more sometimes.


    Handprint Necklace with Rose Gold

    5. Practicable giving

    Do you have time to wait for your custom-made item or is this purchase last minute? High street is definately the place for your last minute panics, for something really special you have to be prepared to wait, beautiful things take time to form!

    6. Desired reaction

    Think about your gift and how you hope the new mum will feel after receiving it.

    When buying a gift for a very special mum, remember that it's the thought and effort that make it truly special. Consider her interests, personalize the gift if possible, and don't underestimate the power of thoughtful gestures and handwritten notes. Show her how much she means to you, and your gift is sure to bring a smile to her face.

    Jewellery made from Handprints
    With special thanks to Sarah at 2Spots Painted Pottery & Clay Imprints for her contribution to this blog post.

    Pottery with Handprints