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Free Personalised Fridge Magnet



To entice you to shop for your beautiful piece of keepsake jewellery I am offering you something extra special!

This offer has been very popular previously, so don't hang around.. OFFER ENDS 15TH OCTOBER

You have just one week to place your order and along with your beautiful jewellery delivery you will also receive one of our fab personalised fridge magnets. Perfect for pinning important things to your fridge, or you could give as a personalised gift to someone for christmas, like granny!

This offer is for handprint, footprint and pawprint jewellery only, the magnet cannot be made for fingerprint jewellery.

You don't have to do a thing to activate your free fridge magnet, simply place your order through our website and you will automatically receive one along with your jewellery.

Just make sure you place your order SHARP-ISH.!