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24ct High End Gold Application For Handprint Jewellery

If you have a piece of our jewellery with hands, feet or pawprints, we can retrospectively add thick layers of beautiful 24ct gold into the prints.

The higher the carat, the better the quality of gold! Radiating a deep yellow, 24ct is at the highest end of the purity scale (100% purity). This high end carat of gold boasts an inimitable colour and shine.

Gold has the highest corrosion resistance of all the metals and it is corroded only by a mixture of nitric and hydrocloric acid. Gold is a noble metal because it does not oxidize. The above characteristics are enough to make a very useful and desired metal; thus, a very valuable one.

We will apply several thick coatings of precious 24ct gold into your prints to give your jewellery a beautiful and exclusive finish.

Upon receipt of your order, we will message you instructions on getting your precious item of jewellery to us safely. Timeframe of completion is 1-2 weeks from receipt of your jewellery.

This can be added to hands, feet and pawprints, not fingerprints.

Always feel close to your floved ones! x

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