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Cufflinks Sterling Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Capturing the most unique part of a person, the fingerprint. These cufflinks can be for one or two different fingerprints.

Precious 925 sterling silver has incredible strength and is designed for hard-wearing and daily-wear jewellery. This coupled with a brighter, whiter finish, it is without doubt a beautiful precious metal for your fingerprint cufflinks.

Our technique is to stamp into the silver so therefore, the fingerprints are not only visable but you can also actually feel them as the lines and ridges stand proud, making our jewellery extremely tactile.

You can choose from two different finishes to your cufflinks:

  • Antique (a darkening of the fingerprints) This finish will be more obvious and make the fingerprints stand out
  • Natural (shiny, bright silver) Just like the rest of your piece. This finish is more subtle and less obvious

If you would like an inscription it will be positioned on the back. 

The cufflinks are made from sterling 925 silver.

Its a very simple process from ordering to creation and it starts with sending you a kit for your fingerprints and we will do the rest!

Always feel close to your loved ones! x

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