October 22, 2021

Long Way to Finding Fingerprint Jewellery

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Years of being very succesful in corporate business changed dramatically when I had children in 2014.


Returning from maternity leave was a shock, I was completely unprepared for how greatly having a baby and time away from work would negatively impact my career in that moment and also forever after then. I was told I couldn’t return to my role after maternity leave unless I worked to my full time contract and my maternity cover didn’t want to give up their new role. My employer and I proceeded into months of a maternity discrimination battle.


When I should have been enjoying bonding with my one year old-and pregnant with my second I was suffering with stress and anxiety. The whole horrible experience massively knocked my confidence. I have found it helpful to speak to other new mums about their return to work experiences as my story is quite familiar.

I needed to do something that I could take pure joy from and completely put the stress behind me. 


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At that time, I was surrounded by new mummy’s who were all enjoying being members of the new baby club, frequenting playgroups and messy clubs and sharing the highs and lows of mummy-hood, that’s when I came across handcrafted silver fingerprint jewellery. 

The penny dropped.. if I started a family business creating fingerprint jewellery these lovely mummies would be my customers and that was that, easy decision! 

Highly sentimental jewellery for mummy’s, just like me, who want to feel close to their little ones even when they can’t be. 

Creating personalised jewellery fills me with pride, it has given me my confidence back and continues to with every happy, loving family I meet.

Six years on and we are a successful family business, based in a little village in Warsash, hampshire. 

Handcrafting fingerprint jewellery from the pen and paper design stage to the final wrapping in soft tissue paper and placing safely inside its packaging.

I take great pleasure creating every single piece!


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