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Fingerprint Capture Kit For Sterling Silver Handprint Keepsake Jewellery

Capture the most unique part of a person with our fingerprint capture kit, it can be used anywhere and anytime.

Full instructions are within the kit and below-

Simply knead the two part mould compounds together until they are mixed well and there are no white streaks, then roll into a little ball. Press the finger about half way into the compound, if possible, leave finger still for a minute (not always possible with young children, do not worry if you cannot).
Carefully remove the finger and leave the compound to harden, takes approximately 10 minutes.
If you are not happy with the impression just re-roll the compound and try again. This can be done a number of times before the compound starts to set. Wash/wipe skin area afterwards.

If you are ordering an item of jewellery from us you do not need to purchase this fingerprint capture kit, we will automatically despatch a kit to you.

Completely mess free, non toxic and easy to use.

The contents of our fingerprint capture kit are-

  • Blue part compound in clear container
  • White part compound in clear container
  • Full instructions/Leaflet
  • SAE to enclose your captured print(s) back to us.

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